Mastering Matlab Programming
Md. Amimul Ihsan
Md. Amimul Ihsan
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Duration 4 hrs 18 min
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Mastering Matlab Programming

About Course

Having a programming skill is an advantage in today's digital world for professional success. One of them is learning MATLAB. MATLAB is a programming language that is unlike any other and is one of the most powerful computational tools available. Matlab Programming is a convenient and easy-to-understand programming language that is ideal for people who are starting to program for the first time. The learners will learn how to program in MATLAB using innovative methodologies with applications in Data Science and Signal Processing. Students, professionals, and researchers in engineering, business, and economics will benefit from this course since MATLAB is a handy tool for data visualization, analysis, plotting, and manipulation. This course will teach students how to use MATLAB in the way that it was meant to be used. After finishing this course, you will be able to quickly begin exploring the programming world. So, let's get started!

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What Will I Learn?
  • Broad knowledge about MATLAB
  • Theoretical Knowledge about UI/UX
  • Use of design tools and components
Course content
  • 9 Chapters
  • 22 Lessons
  • 4 hrs 18 min Total Length

Let's Tour MATLAB

Free Preview 00:07:33

Syntax, Variables and Constants

Free Preview 00:07:28

Variables and Operators


Concept of Array, matrix and Vector


Creating Arrays matrix and vectors manually


Using Built-in functions to create special arrays


Indexing through an Array/Vector/Matrix


Logical Indexing Concepts and Array Manipulation


Understanding Conditional Logic in MATLAB


Using If-Else and Switch


How to write a function in MATLAB


Understanding Control Flow and loops


Implementing For and While Loop in MATLAB


Using Vectorization to avoid loops and reduce runtime


Data importing Techniques in MATLAB


Different Plotting tools in MATLAB


Analyzing real-world data and plotting


Data Visualization Techniques in MATLAB


Measures of Centrality and Spread (Mean, Median, Standard Deviation)


Linear Regression Analysis in MATLAB


Non-Linear Regression in MATLAB


Linear and Non-Linear Interpolation in MATLAB


Final Quiz

Pre Requisites
  • Basic Computer Skill
  • Keep video resolution at 1080p
  • Internet Connection
Meet Your Instructor

Md. Amimul Ihsan

Writer, educator and tech professional with 7 years of experience, working towards inspiring young minds, ensuring the quality of education and taking greener initiatives.
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MATLAB programming has become an indispensable skill in the modern world for researchers, engineers, and students from engineering, business, and biological fields. It provides a range of tools and a powerful analytical engine that is easy to learn. With my 7 years of experience with MATLAB, I am thrilled to bring you the stepping stone course for MATLAB with LEAD Academy. I hope you will make the best use of the resources and reach out if you have any confusion. 

Md. Roman Mia

Md. Roman Mia

1 year ago

This course is suitable to start with MatLab. It will give a complete idea about the elementary things needed to continue the journey. Who prefer to learn MatLab, this course is perfect for them.

Reply from Instructor

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with us. Stay connected

Tanjim Ahmed Emon

Tanjim Ahmed Emon

1 year ago

MATLAB is a very important software and computational tool for engineering students like myself. This course gave a great overview of all the basic yet crucial aspects of the language and MATLAB environment. The assignments were challenging yet not so difficult that they were discouraging. The instructor is also very engaging and has a unique content delivery style. I have certainly become a more proficient MATLAB programmer after taking this course and I urge all those who are interested in computation work or even those who want to learn the basics of programming to start off with this course and lead academy is the best option for learning matlab .

Reply from Instructor

Dear Learner, your feedback is greatly appreciated. We are glad we could meet your expectations. Thank you for your positive feedback. Stay connected

Reply from Instructor

Dear Learner, your feedback is greatly appreciated. We are glad we could meet your expectations. Thank you for your positive feedback. Stay connected

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