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 Anisa Anwar Orin

Anisa Anwar Orin

About Anisa Anwar Orin

I’ve huge passion for marketing data and analytics. I try to think of brands as empty cells of an excel sheet where I have to use formulas to make it presentable and accurate. I put my time in knowing a brand to get insights on what’s trending and make the best out of myself by staying determined and efficient. 

In my university and college life I had to work on many group projects and research papers. Through which my interest in market and analytical research peaked. Whenever I stumble upon any new topic, I invest my time to understand the key points of what's happening. From this I found out how strategizing is one of the success factors for any business which needs to be done through proper research. And I am determined to invest my time into making strategies for brands to help them grow.

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